Success stories

Here are two stories that describe how our clients have seen our approach improve the quality of their decision making process and their documents.

Ten-page paper approved first time 

A member of the risk team from one of Australia’s major banks recently attended Gerard’s Classic Clarity program where he had participated in a group workshop and smaller group coaching sessions as well as receiving feedback on some of his own work.

Whereas previously it was ‘normal’ for team members to rewrite complete papers a dozen times before recommendations were approved, this time the Chief Risk Officer approved Paul’s 10-page prose paper the first time. Here’s how he did it: He

  1. Mapped his ideas out into a one-page storyline
  2. Socialised that storyline with his internal client and made revisions. He did this a couple of times as his thinking evolved and confirmed the high level storyline before he began to write.
  3. Wrote the document and submitted it to the CRO for approval, which he received straight away.

NZ Policy Officer now spends only 10 percent of her time reworking drafts

An analyst on a recent program run by our New Zealand faculty member, Pamela Todd, recently described the impact that Pamela’s critical thinking program had on her work.

This client found that she now prepares a much better quality product by redistributing how she spends her time rather than taking longer.

She now invests around 90 percent of her time solving her problem (using issue trees and storylines) and preparing her policy paper, and only about 10 percent of her time on rework.

She also says that by holding off writing the actual document until her thinking is clear not only makes the actual writing process more enjoyable, but much faster too: She can now write a heavy and high quality five-page prose document in a day.