Try Neosi

Neosi is available in two versions: cloud and desktop. Both versions


  • Remind you of the logical rules that underpin storylining while you tap and bump your ideas together
  • Allow you to create as many documents as you like in either Word or PowerPoint from the one storyline
  • Include a growing library of business storyline templates to kickstart your thinking

Click here if you would like to see a short video that show you how neosi works and read on to decide which version suits you.

Neosi @cloud
  • Suits PC and Mac
  • Stores storylines in our secure cloud
  • Requires Flash
Neosi @desktop
  • Suits PC only
  • Allows you to store your storylines on your desktop or your server
  • Allows you to email storylines as attachments to other neosi users
  • Does not require Flash

Click here to start your @cloud neosi trial or email to setup your @desktop trial.