Storyline patterns

Master storyliners instinctively know what storyline pattern is needed because they have seen so many stories. However, by using our storyline patterns you can become a master much more quickly. All you need to do is

  • Log into neosi at
  • Select from one of our eight categories of storyline patterns
    1. Alerts
    2. Business Cases
    3. Change Stories
    4. Compliance Stories
    5. Options Stories
    6. Proposals
    7. Recommendations
    8. Updates
  • Pick one of four storyline patterns for that category to see the detailed prompts that will guide you as you build your storyline.
  • Save the pattern and read the prompts to start you thinking
  • Start storylining

Want to learn more?

Clarifying your thinking using storylines is easier than you think. Here are three things to explain further how neosi can help you: a high level set of patterns, a template for one of them and a video that talks more about how patterns work for business communication.

Firstly, the high level patterns: Here is a high level sample of the patterns for the Progress Updates category to show you what we mean.

Then the template to help you build your storyline: When you select one of these patterns inside neosi, you will be guided by detailed prompts at each step of the storylining process. Here is a sample:

And lastly, a video that talks more about how patterns work.


Try neosi or email us at if you have questions